Our prices are billed per hour per developer. Before we get to work, we’ll let you know how challenging the task will be and you can choose if you wish to proceed.

Here are some examples of the complexity of individual tasks:

TaskDifficulty (depending on requirements)
Simple website with content management system20-50 hours
Standard E-shop with content management system40-100 hours
Custom E-commerce application (Frontend)from 150 hours
Custom API (Backend)from 150 hours

And here is the pricelist that depends on the activity our developers spend time at:

Custom development€40 per hour
Universal development€32 per hour
Maintenance€25 per hour


Custom development

We create software tailored right to your needs. As our customer, you are a full owner of such software.

Universal development

Repeatable tasks can be usually solved by using the same software ideas. If we do not already have these tasks solved for you, we can develop solutions that can serve more of our customers. On purchase, you receive unlimited license allowing you to use these modules.


We know that it is not easy to invest in maintenance, that will not earn you any money directly. However, it is essential to keep our systems up-to-date to ensure that they are safe and work correctly. We also love to work with new technologies – and that is why we try to keep maintenance price as least as possible.


Our customers receive automatically 2 year guarantee on all purchased services. This guarantee can be extended by purchasing maintenance.